About Us

Our company is located in Athens and its name is inspired from our origin, Arcadia and the
wonderful nature that surrounds it. That’s the place where we conceived the idea to create
Our long experience in the field of shading and construction associated with it, ensures
excellent quality, speed and consistency in the delivery time of any construction.
Refine your spaces with attention to detail, elegance and reliability of the outcome. Let us
offer you practical and modern solutions that will assist you in your everyday life. We
provide a wide range of proposals to satisfy the most demanding customers.
Apart from the basic shade structures such as awnings, pergolas, parasols, etc. we also
customized products for gardens and patios of homes, hotels and other catering facilities.

Contact Us

Epidaurou 32 – 34
104 44
Telephone: 2105128088
Mobile: 6975647454